A+ Project on Dealing with Blended Learning at APAC Convention 2021.

THURSDAY, 28th January 2021 at 6pm. Don’t miss it!

Dealing with Blended Learning: Tips that Work!
Blended-learning was recently just an educational trend. Today it has become a must for most language teachers across the world and in all sorts of educational environments. It is widely accepted that this pedagogical proposal provides opportunities for creating open learner-centred environments, yet it also presents great challenges to teachers. Blended-learning is not about adding technology in the classrooms, nor about knowing how to use the trendiest Apps to fulfil pedagogical goals. Yet, teachers need to be able to do that as well when they design materials or plan their lessons. Technology will never replace great teachers, but if we, teachers, aim at maximising learning, we need to think great to use technology to combine face-to-face lessons with virtual education.Do you need to plan both face-to-face and online lessons for the same target students? Do you want to know tools that can help you create materials and resources for blended-learning environments? Do you wish to make the most of the software you already use, such as Genially and Google Slides, to teach the course contents and assess students? In this session, A+Project members will provide answers to meet these needs. First, we will briefly discuss the challenges of blended-learning in the context of primary education in Catalonia. Then we will share tips and ideas on how to get started, on how to plan blended-learning attractive proposals and on how to assess what our students learnt. Our thoughts will be accompanied with a bank of real examples of projects, lessons and materials we have created and implemented in our English classrooms.