Publicacions sobre colabor

Capítols de llibre

  • Ballena, Camilo, Masats, Dolors, & Unamuno, Virgínia (2020). Co-elaborative research and the transformation of language practices: Notes from the Wichi community of Los Lotes (Chaco, Argentina). In E. Moore, J. Bradley & J. Simpson (Eds.), Translanguaging as transformation: The collaborative construction of new linguistic realities (p.76-92). Bristol: Multilingual Matters. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

Actes de congressos

  • Pratginestós, Cèlia; Solans, Jorge i Masats, Dolors (2019). Exchanging glances on the development of a joint education and research programme carried out at a secondary school in a socioeconomically underprivileged milieu. A Luís Gómez Chova, Agustín López Martínez i Ignacio Candel Torres (Eds.), Proceedings of ICERI2019 Conference (1407-1412). Valencia: IATED Academy. ISBN: 978-84-09-14755-7